The rules of success have changed. Sustainable competitive advantage no longer lies simply in a new product or service. It is an organizational capability to be adaptive. The new role of strategy is to provide the practical process and tools to help us build and lead adaptive organizations.

Strategic Learning is a process that I developed for creating and implementing breakthrough strategies on an ongoing basis to create an adaptive organization.

The process has been used successfully at notable companies such as Ericsson, SAP, Sony, Deloitte Touche Tomatsu, Chubb Corporation, Aviva, Bausch and Lomb, and The Girl Scouts of America. It is also the core methodology for executive education programs at the Columbia Business School.

As illustrated, the process has four linked steps-learn, focus, align and execute-which build on one another and are repeated in a continuous cycle.

The first two steps form the basis of a firm's strategy creation. The third and fourth steps are the foundations of strategy implementation. Thus, strategy creation and implementation are integrated into a mutually reinforcing process. Strategic Learning is a leadership process that generates a cycle of ongoing discovery and adaptation. It strives to balance focus with flexibility, and thoughtful analysis with creative thinking which is continually sharpened through learning and experience. It is designed to engage the creative and intellectual energies of the organization as broadly as possible.